The Homes

Una Vida believes that every human deserves a basic standard of living that includes a dignified home. Our construction projects seek to improve that standard of living, laying a smooth floor over dirt and rock, installing a latrine for basic sanitation, and in some cases building new homes from scratch. Our participants work in conjunction with Dominican and Haitian workers on these projects, creating jobs for–and buy in from–the community.


Meet Anadina, proud homeowner:

Age: 54 years old

Occupation: Street Vendor

Andadina Mendez worked gathering firewood in the hills of Los Pinos, carrying it into town, bundling it, and selling it for many years.  In 1999, she and her husband Jose had saved enough money to buy a small property very near Los Pinos, in Bartalome, for $75USD.  The money ran out halfway through construction of their house.

Then their family continued to grow.  Andadina and Jose prioritized the education of their children over construction, and worked to raise their six children in a half-built home until 2005, when Una Vida volunteers partnered with the family and local workers to finish the house.  Andadina says that she’s so very thankful to be a part of a community that helps each other, that many people have very big hearts.