The Future

Education is one of our biggest allies in fighting poverty. Una Vida created Building Minds in 2004 to enable deserving young adults of La Descubierta to attend college on scholarships. Una Vida further supports students by providing a mentor to help each recipient navigate their educational journey.


Meet Genesis, a Building Minds scholar:

Age: 21

Occupation: Student

Ruben Medina, known by his nickname, Genesis, currently studies Clinical Psychology at the National Evangelical University in Santo Domingo.  A native of La Descubierta, Una Vida has seen him transition from a curious young boy to an engaged citizen.

With his higher education, in part supported by Una Vida’s Building Minds scholarship program, Genesis intends to help people, particularly youth, in rural communities like his own, where specialized health professionals tend to be inaccessible or prohibitively expensive.

After graduation, he plans to marry his fiancé and start a family.