Madres Family Love


The Madres Jewelry program currently employs ten women. We work together in a community center on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 2 :00 – 5:00pm, and also send each women home with work to complete on her own time. During one of these workshops last week, we realized just how interconnected the women are. Within the program, we have three pairs of sisters, a mother daughter duo, and a pair of sister-in-laws. This program truly is a family effort within the community of Los Pinos del Eden, and today we wanted to highlight the mothers, daughters, sisters and friends that connect the Madres to each other, and to us.

Sisters Margarita & Carina

Sisters Yarilis & Rosili

Sisters-in-law Ybane & Denia

Ramona and her youngest daughter, Genesis

Sisters Nena & Liomesi



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